Uses of Animation in 5 Different Sectors

Uses of Animation in 5 Different Sectors
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Friends, is there a film or TV show that you can think of whose vivid characters and stunning visuals completely blew you away? If you answered yes, you fit the profile of a suitable blog reader. While most people associate animation with the entertainment industry, its applications are far broader than that.

Animation’s ability to convey complex ideas in a simple and engaging way has led to its widespread use in fields as diverse as multimedia, education, and advertising. Today, animation is the most effective medium for sharing stories with an audience that aim to inform, amuse, and amaze.

There will be a significant need for skilled animators and other related professionals as the animation industry is predicted to grow to USD 587.1 billion by 2023 thanks to the proliferation and rising demand for digital media. For this reason, the field of animation continues to attract a growing number of professionals.

Furthermore, in 2018, the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting established the AVGC (Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics) Task Force to promote growth and create employment opportunities in the animation and visual effects industries.

Let’s not waste any time getting into the brief history of animation, its applications in multimedia, and the potential careers in the field.


Animated Film’s Rich Past

The French cartoonist Émile Cohl’s two-minute stick figure animation Fantasmagorie (1908) is often cited as an early example of animation.
In the nearly century since its inception, animation has greatly benefited from technological advancements. Because of this dramatic shift in technology, animation has found new and better applications.


Applications of Animation in a Number of Fields

Animation is ubiquitous in today’s culture, appearing in a wide range of media, from shows to commercials. Stories, messages, and brand engagement can all be easily conveyed or maintained through the use of animation.
Listed below are some of animation’s most common applications in the business world.
Let’s dissect each one to see how it works.


1. Entertainment

Doesn’t just about everybody enjoy cartoons? The enlargement of our pupils and the surge of dopamine we experience while watching these visually appealing films are what pique our interest in discovering more about their production.
The entertainment industry makes extensive use of animation across many platforms, including television, print media, the internet, and mobile devices.
Children and adults alike can enjoy many animated TV shows and movies just as much as they would any live-action film. Cartoons and other television programs are created alongside feature films to reach a wider audience.
A number of well-known studios, including Pixar and Disney, produce well-liked, expensive animated movies.
Animators in India can expect a significant pay raise due to the high demand for their services in the entertainment industry.


2. Marketing

With the help of animation, selling the benefits of a brand has become far simpler. It simplifies the process of describing advanced products to customers and boosts their interest in making a purchase.

Ads should always be creative and applicable to the target audience’s lives. Animation has the potential to revolutionize commercial production by making it easier to grab the attention of viewers and persuade them to buy the advertised product.

The Internet has provided a free and open space for animated commercials to reach more people of all ages and win their affection. Animated commercials have been used on TV for many years because of their ability to inspire and amuse while also capturing the attention of the intended audience.

Five to six times more people will watch an animated ad than a static one. Because of this, more and more commercials are now using animation.


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3. Video games

The gaming industry is the most prolific user of animation. Animated video games have provided players with a more interesting and exciting experience than just the games themselves.
The gaming industry has recently made the transition from 2D to 3D animation. Developers of video games will greatly benefit from this development by being able to create more lifelike characters and settings.

Graphic designers carry out a variety of common modeling tasks, such as texturing, lighting, rigging, etc.
More and more animation is being used in video games and online games.
The video game PUBG Battlegrounds features some of the most well-known 3D animation in the industry. Real people served as inspiration for some of PUBG’s playable characters.


4. Learning

Pictures and videos are easier for the human brain to process and recall than textual information. Many educational websites and institutions use graphics, moving videos, and dynamic presentations to make difficult concepts more understandable to students.
Using animation in the classroom allows for a more visual and interactive learning experience. Additionally, it improves students’ capacity to learn.

Animating an atom’s structure so that it appears to be exactly as it is (i.e., spherical) greatly aids a teacher in conveying the atom’s structure.


5. Health care

In the medical field, animation can help with patient education as well as medical education and training. It helps surgeons visualize difficult operations.
Complex surgeries, such as those involving the heart or brain, can be difficult to explain to patients and medical students without the aid of animation. With animation, surgeons have a powerful tool for conveying otherwise incomprehensible processes.

The use of animation in the medical field is on the rise as a means of enhancing doctor-patient dialogue. Instead of a doctor spending time explaining a procedure verbally to a patient, it may be more efficient to have them watch a video that introduces them to the process.



Animation is a powerful tool that promotes development in many areas, allowing businesses and organizations to realize their goals and improve the quality of life for their customers and collaborators.


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